Login & Account

  • Forgot Password or Can't log in

    I can't seem to log into the app. I may have forgotten my password. What should I do? Verifying the Problem Let's first find out if you are entering the correct password. If you are able to log in from another place (e.g. mobile app or another browser, like FireFox or Chrome) then chances are y...
  • How do I make users see all departments without making them all admins?

    On your hotel setting page you have the option: 'All walls to everyone.' If you turn this option ON then users can see all walls.
  • Is HelloShift GDPR-ready?

    GDPR Compliance The General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation harmonizes the patchwork of privacy regulations currently in effect around Europe. The regulations help people stay in control of their information, and HelloShift agrees with this...
  • We have multilingual staff. Do you support other languages?

    Every user can choose their language in user setting. By default, everyone's language is English. You can set it to a different language. Whenever there is a message in a language different from yours, a 'Translate' button appears that will show you translated message in your language in addition...
  • We have set up some of our staff to share the same login. Is this wrong?

    Having separate logins allows accountability. Each user action is tracked separately. Users can be mentioned by their names in addition to being mentioned as a department. Consider giving your staff individual accounts and putting them in a shared department (instead of shared login). A shared de...
  • What is my username? It is blank in my settings.

    If you have an email address on file in HelloShift, then you do not need a username. Your email works as your username for signing in.
  • What is the default password?

    I JUST CREATED A NEW USER. WHAT IS THE PASSWORD? Every new account gets a password assigned by the system which is their username + a number . You can find number the on the Users page in the app.