General Questions

  • How do I delete all overdue checklists?

    Sometimes there are checklists that were not done on time and fill up the task panel. An admin user can delete all these checklists: Click on “Menu” on the top blue bar and then choose “Templates” Click on the checklist that you want delete all overdue instances of Click on the button "Clear All...
  • How do I get the big red notification for guest messages?

    The big red guest notification is only shown to members of the Front Desk department. You can change this in the hotel settings to allow everyone in the hotel get this notification. Note, to receive these notifications on your mobile device or via email, turn the notification for 'Guests' in your...
  • How do I mention someone?

    How can I mention someone? There are two ways you can mention a person or department. Automatic: Create a new note or task on a department wall to mention the department automatically. Most users can only see the wall for their own department. Admin users can see every departm...
  • How is the order of tasks determined?

    By default, the tasks are arranged on a linear timeline based on their start and end time. So, the top most task in overdue is the one that was due ahead of all the other ones. The top most task in current is the one whose due date is expiring the soonest. In upcoming, the topmost task is the one...
  • How to delete unnecessary messages?

    If you have admin rights, you can archive any message. The archive link is at the top right of every message.
  • What are Mentions

    Mentions alert team members to activity and loop them in on conversations in HelloShift.
  • What is the difference between 'Completed' and 'Completed Within'?

    Completed (alongwith Upcoming, Current, Overdue, All) applies to all tasks that were created within the specified time period. Completed Within, on the other hand, applies to all tasks that were completed within the specified time period irrespective of when they were created.
  • What is the Wall?

    Each user sees sees a subset of the news feed of hotel activity relevant to themselves and their department
  • When I converted a note into a task, the tag I entered in the subject field was not highlighted.

    The task subject field is like the subject field of an email. The tag in the subject is not clickable. But do not worry, our system recognizes the tag and will associate this task with the tag.
  • Where can I see all the completed tasks/checklists?

    Go to the wall where the checklist is assigned to and find where it appears Click on "Completed" in the task panel
  • Who sees comments if you don’t mention anyone?

    Whoever sees the original note or task will see any additional comments that get added. If you want to pull another person or department into comments for a note or task, mention them the comment.
  • Who sees your notes if you don’t mention anyone?

    Who sees your notes if you don’t mention anyone? If you are part of a department, your department will see every note and comment you write so that they are in the loop. If you are a manager who is not part of a department and you do not mention anyone in your note, nobody will see th...
  • Why do Mentions not work sometimes?

    Mentions are for looping in and notifying internal hotel staff. As a result, it does not make sense in messages that guests receive. Mentions are also disabled in private 1-1 messages.
  • Why is my checklist not appearing in the To Do tab?

    This may happen due to following reasons: A checklist appears just a little before its start time. If you just created or enabled a checklist, you'll have to wait till the start time. A checklist appears on the wall of the assigned person or department, not every wall. 'Create Now' button on the...