• How can I be reminded to deliver urgent packages we have received?

    You've been doing a great job of logging all of your packages, but sometimes there is a package that has been designated as urgent and you need to make sure that the package is delivered to the guest at a certain time. How can your staff be reminded?? We've got you covered! You can do this by sim...
  • How can I message everyone in the hotel at one time?

    You can use the @ALL mention when you write your note, and everyone in the hotel will be notified.
  • How do I change an employee password

    All Admin users can change employee passwords, or reset them to the original. This short video shows you how:
  • How do I check the spelling/grammar errors of my employees?

    The HelloShift app doesn't have a setting for this, as it is not an easy task to include. However, there are a few workarounds we can suggest here: 1. Use an online spell checker -- perhaps you can coach the individual employee (if it's only one person) to use an online tool for this. This one i...
  • How do I clear several checklists at one time?

    It happens sometimes that your team is so busy keeping guests happy that they can fall behind in their daily checklists that have been assigned to them. Instead of looking all of those missed days, why not start with a clean slate? This video will show you how to get back on track.
  • I need to add a user from another hotel who is using HelloShift. How can I do this?

    If you have more than one hotel using HelloShift and need to share a few employees between them, we can easily add users who can access both accounts. The first step to doing this is to contact us and let us know which properties are related and who should have admin access at each property. On...
  • My chat widget is too big. What should I do?

    We can change the settings of the chat widget to make the widget appear closed when a new visitor comes to the site. The widget will appear as a small chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the site: There's a trade-off for this, though. We have found that other hotels that close that ...
  • What Android device is best?

    Our service works with all Android phones. Since you don't need a mobile plan (we only need WiFi), We would recommend that you look for an inexpensive unlocked Android device on Amazon with decent reviews.
  • What do I do when a guest sends their email in the text widget?

    When a user inputs email/phone, we update their record. Sometimes, though,  the guest puts their email/phone in the message box (and not email/phone form). In this case, the staff should manually update the guest record so the guest can receive email/text directly (and not have to come to the wid...
  • What should I do when I get the “Failed to send text” warning?

    If you receive the failed to send text: The 'To' number +100868074010 is not a valid phone number." In this case the phone number is incorrect. The staff can fix the number on the guest profile and retry.
  • Why is HelloShift not working with Grammarly?

    If a browser has the Grammarly extension installed, HelloShift doesn't work. The Grammarly extension actively looks for text it can help with, so it ends up wiping up the content in the textbox.  This results in empty posts.