• Changing an employee's password

    You have a staff member who comes to you and can't log in to HelloShift -- what should you do? The most likely issue we see here is that a password or username isn't being entered correctly. Let's troubleshoot this -- here's how: Step 1: Access the employee's account under Your Name > Admin: ...
  • How do I add a new user?

    The process of adding a new user is very simple and can be done by all Admin users. Here is a short video showing how:
  • How to use the Checklist Library

    HelloShift provides reusable checklists to keep your property in tip-top shape and your employees on track with ongoing, recurring tasks. You can use our new Checklist Library to import ready made checklists to make your own, or you can create your own! Here's how to use the Checklist Library: